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Oracle enterprise software license agreements


This is a short article about different enterprise license agreements that are available from Oracle.

Oracle Pool of Funds

Java licensing - The basics


Java licensing is still something that many organizations are struggling with.
We also see that Oracle is asking customers before they purchase licenses
that they are correctly licensed.

I want to write a easy guide for how to manage and review Java licensing.

There has been two major changes to Java licensing.
2019 Oracle made public updates not available to the public, that means
that customers who wants to have security updates for java 8 would
require to purchase a subscription / license from Oracle.

4 Oracle Database License Models

Four Oracle Database License Models.

When choosing an Oracle database license, you should consider the following aspects:

End customer license:

1. Full use license - Normally no restrictions simply follow the license terms and Oracle licensing rules and policies.

Oracle licensing in Azure

What You Need to Know About Oracle Licensing in Azure

There are a few things you need to know about Oracle licensing in Azure. For example, licensing for HyperThreading is not the same as for CPUs. Oracle licenses software by the number of processors it runs, and that includes virtual CPUs. It is also important to note that Oracle hasn't yet adopted standard rules for virtual CPUs. Oracle's licensing in the cloud applies special Cloud rules, which might make the process more difficult.

Oracle ULA and how they can help you

Oracle ULA - Strategies for IT professionals

Oracles unlimited license agreement has a mixed reputation in the market, and I will try to explain why
but also the benefits, drawbacks of the agreement. Then a suggested plan for how to manage the ULA
renewal or when you want to exit the agreement.

What is Oracle ULA?

Oracle license audit - 3 steps for how to win

Oracle license audits can cost companies millions in avoidable license fees.
Why do I wrote avoidable? - Because in my experience (300+ Oracle license audits)
90% of all out of compliance findings in Oracle license audit reports are
not due to over-usage but simply

a) Misunderstanding Oracle licensing rules
b) Misinterpreting Oracle licensing policies such as virtualization.

How should you "win" an Oracle license audit?

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