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SYSAUX is the name of the compulsory tablespace, introduced in Oracle 10g, to support optional database components (called occupants) like AWR, Statspack, Oracle Streams, etc.

You can query v$sysaux_occupants, to get the list of SYSAUX occupants:

SQL> SELECT occupant_name, schema_name, space_usage_kbytes FROM v$sysaux_occupants;

------------------------- -------------------- ------------------
LOGMNR                    SYSTEM                             6080
LOGSTDBY                  SYSTEM                              896
STREAMS                   SYS                                 512
XDB                       XDB                               49728
AO                        SYS                               22400
XSOQHIST                  SYS                               22400
XSAMD                     OLAPSYS                           15936
SM/AWR                    SYS                               77888
SM/ADVISOR                SYS                               11008
SM/OPTSTAT                SYS                               62080
SM/OTHER                  SYS                                4864
STATSPACK                 PERFSTAT                              0
ODM                       DMSYS                               256
SDO                       MDSYS                             33216
WM                        WMSYS                              7040
ORDIM                     ORDSYS                              512
ORDIM/PLUGINS             ORDPLUGINS                            0
ORDIM/SQLMM               SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA                    0
EM                        SYSMAN                            50560
TEXT                      CTXSYS                             4736
ULTRASEARCH               WKSYS                                 0
ULTRASEARCH_DEMO_USER     WK_TEST                               0
EXPRESSION_FILTER         EXFSYS                             3712
EM_MONITORING_USER        DBSNMP                             1600
TSM                       TSMSYS                              256
JOB_SCHEDULER             SYS                                 768

26 rows selected.

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