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A CLI is a Command Line Interface - a program that accepts commands that need to be executed from a human operator or script.

Experts often prefer working directly with the CLI, instead of a GUI, as it allows more precise control over tasks. CLIs are handy for scripting and automating complex tasks and it is always available no matter which company you work for and regardless of what GUI tools they employ.

Oracle CLI's[edit]

Some of Oracle's CLI utilities:

  • sqlplus - SQL*Plus
  • rman - Oracle Recovery Manager
  • lsnrctl - Oracle database listener control
  • asmcmd - ASM command line interface
  • orapwd - Set/ change SYSDBA password
  • svrctl - Command line utility for controlling RAC
  • adrci - Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interface

Also see[edit]

  • GUI - Graphical uses Interface
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